What You'll Get

ABM members benefit from both the buying power of the organization and from the resources provided.

Products and Brands

ABM provides access to certain products and brands not always available to regional distributors. ABM currently counts 40 members totaling 116 facilities throughout the USA and Canada, with annual revenues in excess of $3 billion.

Rebates and National Pricing

ABM negotiates rebates with our Allied Suppliers for rebates paid on a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis. Due to our purchasing power and national footprint, ABM members enjoy larger, more frequent rebates and improved pricing positions as members of our group.

First Look

ABM members are often provided the "first look" to add new products to their overall offerings. Our nationwide yet independent distribution network brings an unmatched passion and a high sense of urgency to the sales process. ABM also provides our Allied Suppliers with access to all US and Canadian markets.

Key Industry Performance Metrics

ABM's extensive network of financial analysts provides our members with critical yet varied, real-time data on our industry and as the data relates to our association's programs. From housing starts data to remodeling dollars spent to manufacturer product information, it is ABM's goal to have the best-informed membership when it comes to strategic planning.

Key Financial Data

ABM provides industry data from the most respected industry analysts on Wall Street. We participate in the quarterly conference call for the industry's leading publicly traded firms, acquire the notes from each of the Federal Reserve's Board of Governor's meetings, and have an exclusive relationship with one of the nation's top economists and forecasting firms to provide our members with unique insights into the nation's economy. ABM collects, analyses, and summarizes the data to enable our members to make better-informed decisions when it comes to their business planning or inventory spend budgets.

Strategic Planning

In order to help our members improve their overall strategic planning process, ABM offers assistance with strategic planning and meeting facilitation to its members. ABM's Annual Business Plan Outline and Strategic Plan Template are great resources to help in the planning process. ABM Members can click here to access these templates. Other services provided by ABM include succession planning, business and sales strategy, and counsel on M & A opportunities.

Importing Services

ABM provides support and assistance to our members who utilize global manufacturers for their product mix. ABM can coordinate purchasing, ocean freight, customs issues, and advice on anti-dumping matters.

Software Providers

ABM believes that it will be through technology that the next big industry innovation may occur; we review and test various software systems on an ongoing basis for our members. ABM can make recommendations for you in regard to pricing efficiency software, inventory improvement software, WMS programs, cloud computing, and ERP systems.

Best Practices

Each year ABM conducts a series of Roundtables with the ABM membership to discuss industry and member best practices. This open and honest exchange of ideas is a foundational pillar of our association and has become one of the highlighted benefits for our members.